West Meets East

Ronnie Icon is a multi-talented artist who fully embraces being influenced by Korean pop and hiphop. His shows are jam-packed with dancing, singing and rapping, but being no stranger in the studio, he doesn’t shy away from writing and producing his own music either.

Ronnie Icon’s stage performances are truly an energetic experience. Accompanied by fellow MC and Korean hype-man Soogeun Park and the sexy ladies that make up the dancing duo NRG Entertainment, his style of performing borrows heavily from his source of inspiration. Blending covers and original material, the crowd gets hyped by a repertoire that’s cherry picked from the best music K-pop and K-hiphop has to offer. To top it off, all four performers are part of the ever-expanding organization Somaek Entertainment, which is responsible for hosting the biggest K-pop parties in The Netherlands.

Initially Ronnie garnered a following with his K-pop reaction videos and covers, using Youtube as a platform to build his audience. Stepping out from the comforts of his Youtube channel, into the real world, however, was always part of the plan. Performing at parties such a Strictly K-pop in both The Netherlands and Belgium and hosting Korean-Dutch cultural exchange events have led to Ronnie Icon becoming a well-known name within the Dutch K-pop community.

His first mini-album titled Trigger serves as a showcase of his pop/ hiphop sound, while also being a catalyst for his musical expression. For the first time since the start of his Youtube channel in 2014, Ronnie Icon releases new original songs.